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Asian famous pornstars doing it live, streaming porn while it is actually happening

She is among the most famous and obviously the Hottest Pornstars known worldwide today. She is one of the best paid adult models worldwide today, She is the most popular and loved pornstar in Asia today and has been since she actually started in the adult entertainment business. She went straight to the top, she pushed everybody out of the way, she has absolutely no competition in any way whatsoever in any Asian country.


Don’t ask me what her name is, just go to her profile on this Pornstars Shows website and enjoy with the free trial that they give you her next live show, or any of the hundreds of other famous pornstars that are fucking live on that specific network.

The real reason why I’m posting today on this blog, is because there is a new website called CherrySpot.com and there is a lot of heat about this specific website out on the street today. It is the first in its kind that offers Pornstars solo shows, where porn stars will masturbate in front of a WebCam, they will interact with the viewers and their fans, and in most cases will actually take orders from their fans and do what they want them to do. Nothing new if you think that this is been going on forever on the Internet, but it is the first time that you will see famous adult models do it.

However if you are already a member of the Cherry Pimps Network, then this additional website comes to you at no cost, it is basically free, it is an add-on to everything that they already offer, it is a way for them to say thank you to all the members and to make their product even better than it was even better than the best.

Asa Akira is at it again and we get to see her do it

Hello everybody how was your Christmas? I really do hope that it was fun as mine and that you got all the gifts that you were hoping to get. Yesterday was Christmas is so obviously there were no Porn Shows on CherryPimps.com, however on November 29 they will be back with the world’s most famous Japanese porn star that is ready to give all she can turn to solid hours nonstop, I know this because I read it on the cherry pimps blog like 30 minutes ago.

asa akira cherrypimps

If you are not yet familiar with these Live Pornstar Shows, then as you can see I have just posted in this paragraph in bold text a contextual link that if it is clicked on you will be redirected to that specific website that were talking about. However I really do find it hard to think that people have yet to visit this famous network considering that it is now getting close to its 3 million members Mark.

On another hand, I have personally created a Real Leaked Porn blog and I was wondering if you would consider visiting the website and giving your input on how it looks, on how we can improve it and obviously an overall opinion on this amateur porn and homemade sex video website.

New round Asian pornstar doing live porn

A lot of people will find it extremely strange that I am posting during the weekend, I will from time to time my computer on a Saturday and decide to write, writing articles has always relaxed me and today I was a little tense, yesterday Sunday, and I thought why not, my girlfriend is at her parents home I’m here all alone, I’m watching NFL on Fox and why don’t I talk about what I already have as I can see in the past on this blog and that would be Hot Pornstars on Cam.

chinks wildoncam pornstar

However when not talking about WebCam porn, you can find anywhere but you can’t find porn starringLive Pornstars on Webcam, no sir! What they offer and talking about the other websites are not this one that where mentioning in this blog post, is porn with a woman and a man but no one has ever seen before, in most cases that college students or single moms that really don’t know how to make enough money to keep on going and therefore they end up doing what you have seen in the past and most probably not really enjoyed as much as you thought you were.

Then not professional pornstars, they are not licensed to be in this business, they have absolutely nothing to do with what you may see in a porn video on DVD or on the famous porn tubes. So when you are actually ready to plot your credit card and pay those two dollars to watch a live porn video, the website that would talking about will actually tell you who is starring in the person that is in that video is a professional pornstar and you most probably have already seen her perform in porn videos dozens of times before and therefore you know exactly what you’re going to get. That’s the huge difference that there is between the competition and the website that were actually talking about.

Live Asian porn from Cherrypimps.com

Asian Pornstar Skin Diamond Is just one of the names I can mention that is from Asian descent and is worldwide famous for her sex acts on the live WebCam. Not only she is also very popular adult model and has made dozens of porn videos for the big screen, for DVD and Blu-ray and also the paysite and tubes that you can access on the Internet. Along with her there are dozens more better from either Japan, South Korea, some even from China, Thailand, Singapore and many other places in Asia. To put them all in one location, because their only is one location where famous porn stars will do porn live and that would be over at Wildoncam.com and of course the mother site CherryPimps.com

That’s the good thing about watching things pornstars, these are babes that you have already seen in classicalPorn Movies and therefore you know what they are capable of, even before you actually paid to watch the show, before you pay to watch the live porn video, the porn video that is actually going down one you are in front of your computer screen watching it. That is a guarantee itself, see, it’s not one of those WebCam sites where you pay upfront to watch some chick you have never seen before in all your life do stuff to herself with a dildo and her fingers, this is totally different situation…

asian porn cherrypimps

… Let’s take for example the worldwide famous Pornstar Lisa Ann, she was on yesterday and did a two hour live porn video that was jaw-dropping, it was absolutely one of the best live performances I have ever seen in all my Internet life since I started using the web back in 1997. She’s famous, I already know what she’s capable of, and I could actually anticipate some of the moves that she was going to do, and because I am a massive fan of Lisa Ann, I already knew it was going to be a great show. So when you know who is coming on, and you have seen them already and many other porn videos, you know that you are going to put those two dollars will spend on something that you know will be a great gig!

Asian pornstars are hitting the top with all this live porn going on

This is something that I really wanted to say and I thought that the best place would be to say it would be on a specific and dedicated blog a blog that is dedicated to a Asian babes, dedicated to oriental porn stars, yellow baby’s, whatever you want to call them, no matter how you call them they remain the hottest sluts in front of the camera, that’s what I think. Now don’t take me wrong because I was watching some Amy Reid Live Porn just a few minutes ago and I have to say that it was absolutely incredible, but I was saying to myself what if Asa Akira was in her place, me that is a absolute freak for Asian porn would take that as something incredible, so I looked into it and I’m glad to say that the day after tomorrow over at Wildoncam.com there will be two Asian porn stars performing the same day first in a lesbian act and then they will be teaming up on one very lucky guy, and all of that in one day, you really couldn’t ask for anything better.

cherrypimps asian porn

A good friend of mine that also is an editor’s name is Simon Jones, a really nice dude from Wrexham in Wales, he was telling me that he had just watched one of the Lisa Ann Live Porn Shows and she was taking it up the ass by a dude that had a cock that looked like a drain tube it was so big, and he said that it was unbeatable, so I have invited him to check out Asa Akira’s pre-recorded live shows that are all in the archives over at Cherrypimps.com and all members can watch them for free, practically what they do is every single live show, they will also recorded and keep it so that anybody can watch it in the case that they missed a live performance I would like to watch at any how. Well, like I said I invited Simon to check out an Asian pornstar as gorgeous as Asa and I want to see his input I want to know what he has to say about her and how she moves and how she handles the cock.

It’s needless to say, if you still have not had the chance to experience Live Pornstars Shows while they actually happen, I do suggest that you do not waste any more time I’m going check them out for yourself, there are shows going on all the time and therefore the moment you log onto the website you will be able to check out some live porn going down.

Asian pornstars and a lot of them all live all slutty

It’s like the whole world is there, they’re all girls over at the Cherry Pimps Pornstars that all from Africa, along with the many Afro-Americans, there are Asian porn stars, European middle east and babes from Australia, not to mention the Latina porn stars and of course the gorgeous American porn stars, when you have the choice of close to 1000 famous adult models, they like to be called that way LOL, you can find them of all sorts, and in this case I did a slight research to see how many Asian babes I could find and how many of them will be performing in this upcoming month. I was absolutely astonished and of course pleased because I am a massive Asian porn star fan myself, that there are this month only 16 different porn stars from Japan and other surrounding countries that will be doing live porn shows over at both CherryPimps.com and WildOnCam.com.

cherrypimps sex 3

Many are asking me what is the difference between a classical but at the same time quality porn video and Live Pornstar Videos, one would think that there really isn’t that much difference as the girl is getting boned and she’s doing a really good job about taking that cock, but when it’s live it’s totally improvised, when it’s live it can’t be cut, so another words it is totally a different thing and also keep in mind that when it’s live porn video lasts at least two hours, how about that?

My advice would be to try at least once one of these Live Porn Shows at no cost, and when I mean no cost and mean you can login and no one will ask you for your credit card and you can take a look around and see some of the porn shows that are going on and if you like what you see, if you really think that it’s worth it to spend two dollars per show, two dollars per life porn video, one dollar per hour of life porn, because that’s what it cost you if you want to sign up on a daily basis, then give it a try that’s what I did and now I’m totally addicted LOL.

Gorgeous Mika Tan in action having sex on webcam

I’m a huge fan, a huge fan of Asian porn, oriental porn stars and the movies that they make. I have to confess I have over 40 specifically Asian porn videos on DVD at my office and I will gladly check them out from time to time and the one where I have the most porn all is specifically Pornstar Mika Tan, that’s because she is absolutely gorgeous, I don’t know what you think of her, but if you combine the fact that she is gorgeous and that she can fuck like no other porn star in her category then that is a great combination and that’s why most probably I am totally addicted to this bitch, and every time that she comes out with a porn video I am all over it!

mika tan cherrypimps

And from what I know she has made a bunch of Porn Videos, I’m not actually sure how long that she has been practicing in porn, if we can call it that LOL. But I do know that she has made dozens of quality porn videos and many of them have been blockbuster issues, that means they have sold more than 10,000 copies either on DVD or Blu-ray, she is extremely popular in Asia, but also here in the United States and very popular in Europe and Russia.

Now that they have many Pornstars making live sex videos, in other words they are doing the same thing they would do if they were making a porn video only that they are doing it live, on the Internet, by the use of WebCams, and thousands of people are sitting in watching, that makes it even more interesting. I got to see her show this past week, actually it was a couple weeks ago and I have to say it was twice as better as an original porn video you would see maybe on DVD or that you would check it out on a porn tube such as Spugle.com or another popular porn site. It was totally different, totally better, it was by far the best porn experience that I have ever had so far in 15 years of watching porn on the Internet.

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